We Hail Thee

Posted on 30/10/2014


The ghosts of our stymied nationhood

Beat hasty retreat into echoing chambers of heritage

Prospects of a pleasant after life experience repulsed

Subliminal honour of celestial acceptance rebuffed

Saints and prophets denied the just reward of service so deep

Rebels and heroes frustrated by the lack of sleep

Ignored by the divine arbiters of Peter’s juris legal

Tormented by legacy of time spent in worthless struggle

A thousand buckets of blood and sweat in bad taste

Payments of debts for the insane in waste

Outlaws and self made geniuses ostracized

Within an endless maze of perchance

Ignoble curs and thirsty vampires suck our endowments

Reward and gain commensurate with pain,

Survival dependant on happenstance

While pretenders and false princes’ catwalk in trepidation

Hesitant of the portents of circumstance

Hoping that poisoned arrows signed with their oriki would boomerang

That accountability means nothing to sensibility

That age-old fascists would once again defeat you-and-I-nity

But Nigeria, we shall always hail thee.

Just punishment reserved for whom deserved

Not in error that nature carved its triad

A riverine division blessed by heavenly decision

If tribe and tongue differ, how can we be brother?

Touts and louts rampage across our conscience

Defiling the remnants of our mortal substance

Rule of law defined by jurisdiction

As truth and justice is denied by sanction

Call to arms the youth obey

Their destinies not designed to end this way

If indeed as one we must stay

A sacrifice be made in our land today

Arise oh, compatriots

Your nations call, obey!


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