One Chance

Posted on 23/08/2011


Sports City looks beautiful tonight

A little small London

A fickle Mardi Gras

The African Brasilia

Have you seen its lights?

Shitta redux

Forty-seventh heaven

From Ojuelegba

To the Love garden

Shayo twenty-four-seven!

Ode to Surulere

From Balewa’s Square

To Tafawa’s Crescent

Melancholy in betwixt

A palaver of dreams

Night birds in flight

On four-inch stilts

Rampaging mutants

On canvas of bricks

Love’s merry-go-round

Or a deviant’s hunting ground

A hundred for your pleasure

Double for extra

All night surrender

For a late stroll

Just round the corner

Back and Forth

Said Blackmon’s anthem

Prose for modern times

Meaning differs little

Respect seems so brittle

A bottle of Stout, Sir

And I will respond

To your every desire

I no fit tire!

Singsong for King Kong

Abi you get cancer for de schlong?’

Drunken misfits and indigo ink

Flossed brains in rehab therapy

Red bull and Smirnoff parties

Payment Per Diem

A penny for your semen?

Oh! The death of innocence

It dies on emotional auto glide

Double Decker headaches

Life on a down slope slide

A catastrophic danfo error

On BRT fast lane ride

Kilo Masha Stadium!

Amala Shitta on request

Barracks! No enter!

Bode Thomas, one chance!

Go on soun!


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