No Justice

Posted on 23/08/2011


Shoe size no matter

Unless your name be Papillo

Size nine, size fourteen

Na cobbler get wahala

Person wey hold gavel get power

Fit be judge, fit be jury

You fit be innocent

You fit be guilty

Sha, dis one pass me

As man take him own hand do silly

Error just dey jam calamity

Calamity change cloth with stupidity

Stupidity come select ignorance

Come do meeting with ballot paper

Eriwo! Yah!

Professor Pellar strategy!

One eyed man be ruler

For husband and wife matter

Na since Fela time

Everything don scatter

Na curse dem curse we?

Return to sender

One-sixty times one-sixty times one-sixty

You can’t see me!

I no know booku o

How much be dis One million sef?

Tank God na only ten finger man get

Man for don craze tay

Foolish demonstration of craze

Perambulation in continuation

Abi, na craze I craze?

Be like say na dream I dey.


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