What Would You Do?

Posted on 19/02/2011


This story was sent to me by a friend:

‘I was on my way home when a woman driving an old Peugeot 505 in front of me brushed a young girl driving a very clean Honda Accord.

This young girl came down from the car and started insulting the woman, who was old enough to be her mother or at least her aunt.

All efforts by passers by to pacify her proved abortive as she kept ranting that the car was bought by her boyfriend and that her boyfriend would deal with the woman.

I just watched and sympathized with the woman. She told the girl she’d fix the car but it was already evening, getting late and she had no money on her and suggested the girl followed her home just to reassure her of her sincerity.

The girl kept screaming as people tried to beg on behalf of the woman. The girl blatantly refused and decided to call her boyfriend saying:

“Baby boy, a stupid woman just hit my car”. She thereafter described her location to her boyfriend.
In no time, the man appeared ready to please his girlfriend by raining insult on the woman.

On getting there, he started shouting, “Where is the stupid woman that hit your car”, only to realize the woman was his wife!’

What would you do?

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