Poem: Wake Up!

Posted on 19/02/2011


Great art comes

From the extremes

Of emotional experience

We force ourselves

To channel

Our passionate depths

As we master the art

We become the masters of the art

Reflecting the defining moments

Of our lives

First person narratives




Nothing you have heard



For what lays ahead

The beautiful moments

And heartbreaking minutes

As you recall the joys

Of the temptation of love

You also succumb

To losing the ones closest

The most perfect situation

Rejected at first

Only to acquiesce in the end

The picture calms down

As you realize

It was just a haunting dream

The most touching moments

Come on the wings

Of quiet reflection

Can I apologize

For all of life?

Should I lift only

My own burden?

The crossroads are frightening

But we must bear no grudge

Or we would never


What lurks?

Isn’t that the greatest danger of all?

c. FMwongi2005

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