Poem: Sleep No More

Posted on 19/02/2011


For my friend, David Odusola.

December’s last meal

Had sinister mission

We heard the foetuses cries

From the stomachs of pot-bellied ewes

Bleating in agony

Joy easily becomes pain

The unborn foetus becomes the meal

An infant’s revenge is promised

It was the last supper

Of daydreams

And nightmares

Beyond the musical chairs

Of the seer’s prediction

He had seen the vision

Tale was told

A month of submission

Despite the genuflection

Yes, they prayed

They fasted and prayed

Alas, the demon princess

Was swathed in robes

To hide the shame

Half human

Half beast

Living dead

Borrowed wares

Rites of the uninitiated

Satanic sacrifices

Six times claimed the demon

Six females and their planted seed

The promised future

The brightest of tomorrows

Short changed at dawn

Comeuppance is due

Esu’s scimitar

On their heads

One and all

Adieu Davido

The unborn shall rise again

And the evil ones

Shall sleep no more.

C. FMwongi 2011.

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