Poem: Silhouettes

Posted on 19/02/2011


We came alone

Abandoned souls

In solo

Cadenza improvisio

This place was limbo

We felt the emptiness

The despondence

A nocturne of silence

An envelope of darkness


Echoes of nothingness

The stillness vibrated

Drilling redemption

Deep within the inertia

Were we here to pay

For sins uncommitted?

Are we repentant

Of crimes unremitted?

The reverberations grew deafening

A damning din

Yet no life surrounds


Shapes senseless

All around

Indefinite, yet profound

Shackled in a land of never never

Shall we, ever ever?

Stifled chimes and bells bellow

A shallow ring from distant shadows

A sick implosion for those who hear

What lies beneath must be near

A sudden shudder in fear

A whimper whispers in your ear

It wasn’t meant to be

You wasn’t meant to see

But hands unseen reveal

A twilight path winding slowly

Toward Bodhi’s crafted arch

As we sink further

Into dark

Hearken, tempests regale

In a chorus of voice

A deafening silence

For the promise of serenity

Balance and tranquility

The final submission

A ceremony for remission


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