Poem: From Ibara To Itoku

Posted on 19/02/2011


Olu Omo had dignity.

Pride was his attribute.

Nothing remains sane forever.

Grand Ayekoto in Ceaser’s robes

Olusegun was his Augustus

The dark side of change

It’s constant is a virus

This so-called new breed.

New seed of a bastard son?

Tick-tock insanity.

Alien illiteracy.

A far battle cry

From Oke Ilewo to Itoku.

We dare query the custodians of yen?

Lisabi’s glory reduced to a fantasy lion’s den.

Abami’s once beloved Abeokuta City?

Corralled within this ambience of self pity

Multitudes of left-behinds.

The sickly grin says it all.

Oke Mosan madness.

To Sagamu by express



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