Are We…Mad?

Posted on 19/02/2011


I recently came across a statement that says that seventy percent of Nigerians are mentally unstable. Now that surprised me – a whopping 70 percent! How many are we, 150 – 160 million? 70% of that is close on a hundred million mad people walking the streets, acting ‘normal’ in Nigeria

Mr. Dipo Lafenwa, a guest lecturer at the 2010 UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking organized by the Ekiti State Command of the NDLEA, gave the analysis while addressing stakeholders. He said that seven out of every ten Nigerians displayed ‘strange behaviour.’

Now before you join in criticizing, or castigating him, or calling him ‘unpatriotic,’ think about it…

We must be mad to cross an eight-lane expressway in a society where speed limits are hardly observed, especially when there are pedestrian bridges provided.

We must be mad to face on-coming traffic, or drive in opposite direction to the flow of traffic, or driving on the curb, or stopping on an expressway for disembarking passengers.

We must definitely be mentally unstable to ride on an ‘okada’ and refuse to use a safety helmet, because of your ‘Beyonce!”

Oh, how mad are we that we throw anything and everything out on the streets, groundnut shells, banana peel, sucked oranges, tissue papers…and you say we are not mad?

Of course we are crazy if we allow people with criminal tendency – some of them with past records of criminality to be our leaders.

Yes…we vote for them, and there are many sitting comfortably, siphoning our children’s futures as they stash their loot in trillions in foreign accounts, and buy up all our land and national infrastructures; and you say we are mad?

We are not only mad; we must also be deaf, dumb and stupid for not protesting against political thuggery, election rigging, and self-enriching governmental executives.

We must be mad when we allow them to praise themselves daily on the pages of our national newspapers.

Oh, are we not mad, when a grandfather dotes cash and love on an undergraduate minor young enough to be his daughter?

…Or when Senatorial leaders marry their grand daughters?

And you say we are not mad? My friend, you are mad. Me? I am also mad. We are all mad. Nigeria itself is mad.

The psychiatrist is absolutely correct -70% of Nigerian’s brains malfunction. Chikena!

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