A Moment For Inspiration: Vanity

Posted on 19/02/2011


Once there lived a rich man who was justly proud of his cellar and the wine therein. And there was one bottle of ancient vintage kept for some occasion known only to himself.
The governor of the state visited him, and he thought to himself:

“That bottle shall not be opened for a mere governor.”

And a bishop of the diocese visited him, but he said to himself:

“No, I will not open that bottle. He would not know its value, nor would its aroma reach his nostrils.”

The prince of the region came and dined with him. But he thought:

“It is too royal a wine for a mere princeling.”

And even on the day when his own son was married, he said to himself:

“No, not to these guests shall that bottle be brought forth.”

And the years passed by, and he died, an old man, and he was buried in the earth like every seed and a corn.

And after the day that he was buried the ancient bottle was brought out together with other bottles of wine, and it was shared by the peasants of the neighborhood. And none knew its great age.

To them, all that is poured into a cup is only wine.

And a word for the young idiots burning up their money in the hotspots, bars and clubs…it doesn’t matter what it’s called: Red Label, Chardonnet, Blue Label, VSOP, Alize, it is all ‘shepe!’ Whether you buy it from ‘Iya Mulika’ or you buy it from the Four Seasons, if you drink, you will get drunk! Nobody wins prizes for who gets drunk first!

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